Canadian Inquisition: Winter 2017 5 Easy Pieces

Game 10 — 27 March 2017

Artful DodgernicholheadsRed Smarties
Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Night Owls
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsUnnatural Axxxe
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersMI5
Fox and Fiddle (Bloor)Cellar RatsAd Hawks & Doves
Fox and Fiddle (Wellesley)Bill PsychsFrankly Scarlett
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidUsual Suspects
TranzacFootloose & Firkin FreeFive Guys Named Moe

Game 9 — March 20, 2017

[all protests resolved]

Bloor St. Irregulars 72 59 What She Said*
Usual Suspects 69 63 Smith & Guessin'*
Five Guys Named Moe 69 50 Cellar Rats*
MI5* 68 65 Unnatural Axxxe
Misplaced Modifiers 68 57 Night Owls*
nicholheads 66 54 Footloose & Firkin Free*#
Frankly Scarlett 57 55 Ad Hawks & Doves*#
Red Smarties# 56 54 Bill Psychs*
#Playing shorthanded
*starting team

Top individual scores

EdFive Guys Named Moe8
TylerAd Hawks & Doves7
LizCellar Rats7
DavidUsual Suspects7
VirginiaWhat She Said7

Torquemada Division

Unnatural Axxxe*810595437463
Bloor St. Irregulars*810588416162
MI5 621566315780
Misplaced Modifiers 63057129*83*72
Usual Suspects 630543*415275
What She Said 531545*416596
Smith & Guessin' 360508227098
Night Owls 3604933259114
Average (per game)

Jaworski Division

Five Guys Named Moe**630508354593
Frankly Scarlett 4504382940129
Red Smarties 4504343546137
Footloose & Firkin Free 3604492557129
Bill Psychs 3604342256139
nicholheads 3604272249140
Ad Hawks & Doves 2704463043132
Cellar Rats 1804113455143
Average (per game)

*Indicates teams in Final, and winners of Stinker, Canadiana, and Fewest Zeroes prizes, if there were no more games this season.

It is with sorrow that we bring you the news of the death of Mike Flannery of the Cellar Rats.
>> Obituary in The Star
Our sympathy also goes out to Maureen Seabrooke, whose husband passed away last week.
>> Obituary in The Star