Canadian Inquisition: Winter 2018 Bill Psychs

Game 2 — 22 January 2018

Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett5 Easy Pieces
Artful DodgerSimple MindsCellar Rats
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsMI5
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsFive Guys Named Moe
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersFootloose & Firkin Free
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeUsual Suspects
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidSmith & Guessin'
TranzacRed SmartiesAd Hawks & Doves

Game 1 — January 15, 2018

[all protests resolved]

Bloor St. Irregulars* 78 62 Smith & Guessin'
MI5* 75 66 Unnatural Axxxe
What She Said 71 66 Misplaced Modifiers*
Ad Hawks & Doves 65 64 Five Guys Named Moe*
Usual Suspects* 63 58 Footloose & Firkin Free
Night Owls* 62 58 Frankly Scarlett
simpl 61 58 Red Smarties*
5 Easy Pieces 58 55 Cellar Rats*

Top individual scores

Name Seat Team Deuces
Aggie7Five Guys Named Moe10
Calvin8Unnatural Axxxe8
Eric9Bloor St. Irregulars8
Gary1Bloor St. Irregulars8
Alex10Ad Hawks & Doves7
Tak3Bloor St. Irregulars7
Mel3Misplaced Modifiers7
Bob7Misplaced Modifiers7
Ralph9Misplaced Modifiers7
Sheila8What She Said7
Ann10What She Said7
Ron85 Easy Pieces7
John S.8Frankly Scarlett7
Cy7Usual Suspects7
Mark C.8Footloose & Firkin Free7

Torquemada Division

Bloor St. Irregulars*10078896
What She Said 10071388
Usual Suspects 100634610
Misplaced Modifiers 010661*910
Unnatural Axxxe 0106638*7
Smith & Guessin' 01062*669
Footloose & Firkin Free 010582412
Average (per game)

Jaworski Division

Ad Hawks & Doves*10065479
Night Owls 100622610
simpl 1006144*7
5 Easy Pieces 100582611
Five Guys Named Moe 01064*658
Red Smarties 010581*812
Frankly Scarlett 01058269
Cellar Rats 010554615
Average (per game)

*Indicates teams in Final, and winners of Stinker, Canadiana, and Fewest Zeroes prizes, if there were no more games this season.