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10 April 2006
The Imperial Pub
58 Dundas Street East (Upstairs)
7:30 p.m.
Teams and final scores:
56 Forza Azzurri
49 Misplaced Modifiers
44 Unnatural Axxe

It was a very close and exciting Final. Unnatural Axxe led for the first 3 rounds, then the Mods pulled ahead through round 9. Azzurri, who had been in third place for most of the game, caught up during the challenge round and were tied for the lead after 2 triples, then finally surged ahead on the last 3 triples to win by 7! And, by the way, it was the birthday of both Debbie and Amy of Azzurri.

        Round     Cumul
      FA-MM-UA  FA-MM-UA
        5-7-8    5- 7- 8    current events
        2-2-3    7- 9-11    history
        3-5-4   10-14-15    science
        7-5-1   17-19-16    Toronto
        5-4-7   22-23-23    entertainment
        2-7-4   24-30-27    audio
        7-3-5   31-33-32    sports
        7-6-6   38-39-38    literature
        7-8-4   45-47-42    geography
       11-2-2   56-49-44    challenge
Thanks to Mark Brader for the summary