Cellar Rats 62, Misplaced Modifiers 59, All Over Twisted 53

It was a very close game between all three teams; most of the time
the Mods had a small lead over the Rats, who in turn had a small
lead over AOT.  But the Rats surged ahead in the challenge round
with five deuces and a steal to take the Cup.  In more detail:

                         ----round----   ----cumul----
                         Rats-Mods-AOT  Rats-Mods-AOT
    1. Current Events         8-8-9         8- 8- 9
    2. Entertainment          6-7-3        14-15-12
    3. Geography              5-4-6        19-19-18
    4. Science                4-5-4        23-24-22
    5. Audio                  5-5-6        28-29-28
    6. Canadiana              8-8-6        36-37-34
    7. History                6-8-4        42-45-38
    8. Sports                 4-3-5        46-48-43
    9. Arts/Literature        5-6-4        51-54-47
   10. Challenge             11-5-6        62-59-53

As we only had two people QMing at the end of the game, we decided
to mark the audience questions after the game and let the unanswered
challenge round questions go to the audience.  On 10 rounds there were
34 audience questions, on which nobody else came close to MI5's score
of 23 correct.

  As it turns out, the best individual scores were:

        Doug    Misplaced Modifiers 7
        Jim     All Over Twisted    7

        John    All Over Twisted    6

        Rick    Cellar Rats         5
        Ralph   Misplaced Modifiers 5

        Mel     Misplaced Modifiers 4
        Craig   Cellar Rats         4
        Mike    Cellar Rats         2  (played 5 rounds)

Notice that none of the THREE top scores involves Cellar Rats players.
It turns out that they won the game while scoring the FEWEST deuces
of all three teams!  (This remarkable achievement may be seen as an
extension of the fact that they also had fewer zeroes in the regular
season than any other team; being in the Final, of course, they were
ineligible for that prize.)  They actually scored 1 point on fully
half of their questions in the Final, not counting steals:

                             2's    1's    steals   0's
      Cellar Rats            18      25       1       7
      Misplaced Modifiers    19      20       1      11
      All Over Twisted       21       9       2      20

(Here "0's" means zeroes in rounds 1-10 and includes questions stolen
by another team, while "1's" means the ordinary 1-pointers in rounds 1-9.)

Well done, Rats!