The Canadian Inquisition

Toronto's co-operative pub quiz league

Summer 2007 season

is brought to you by

The Misplaced Modifiers

Game 10 - July 25, 2007

T1:T3 Usual Suspects All Over Twisted Artful Dodger
T2:T4 Footloose & Firkin Free Unnatural Axxe Jason George
T6:T7 Five of What? Forza Azzurri Kilgour's
T5:J5 Cellar Rats Five Guys Named Moe Artful Dodger
J1:J3 On a Roll MI5 Duke of Gloucester
J2:J4 Frayed Naughts Sam's Spades Imperial
J6:J7 Reach for the Tap Clueless Ferret & Firkin


Torquemada Division
Usual Suspects*720575305373
Unnatural Axxe*720541325089
All Over Twisted6305283058*94
Footloose and Firkin Free6305112749101
Cellar Rats540571385078
Five of What?540564405376*
Forza Azzurri360512304397
Average (per game)
Jaworski Division
Sam's Spades5404802344115
On a Roll4504793651102
Frayed Naughts351514315392
Five Guys Named Moe35150641*50100
Reach for the Tap1804643040107
Average (per game)
Combined average57.03.55.410.9

**Clinched berth in Final.

*Indicates teams in Final, and winners of Stinker, Canadiana, and Fewest Zeroes prizes, if there were no more games this season.



(1) This analysis was done by a human [Mark Brader], is subject to human error, and is provided with no warranty of correctness!

(2) It is assumed that all teams contending to be in the Final will produce Game 10 scores within 20 points of each other. If that doesn't happen, there are additional possible outcomes.

The promotion/relegation slots are already settled. If no teams enter or leave the league, then next season MI5 will be promoted to the Torquemada Division and Forza Azzurri will be relegated to the Jaworski. The Misplaced Modifiers will return to the Torquemada while Footloose and Firkin Free will be setting questions.

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