The Canadian Inquisition
Fall 2009 Game Schedule

Game 1 - September 21, 2009

5 Easy PiecesUnnatural Axxe Spotted Dick
Frayed NaughtsMI5 Artful Dodger
Misplaced ModifiersUsual Suspects Duke of Gloucester
What She SaidFive Guys Named Moe Jersey Giant
Bill PsychsSam's Spades Jason George
Charlie's AngelsFootloose & Firkin Free Brunswick Avenue Pump
Night OwlsClueless Imperial Pub
On a RollKenny Loggins Fanclub Artful Dodger

No Game September 28 — Yom Kippur

Game 2 - October 5, 2009

5 Easy PiecesFrayed Naughts Spotted Dick
Five Guys Named MoeMisplaced Modifiers Artful Dodger
MI5Unnatural Axxe Duke of Gloucester
What She SaidUsual Suspects Jersey Giant
Bill PsychsClueless Jason George
Footloose & Firkin FreeKenny Loggins Fanclub Brunswick Avenue Pump
On a RollCharlie's Angels Artful Dodger
Sam's SpadesNight Owls Imperial Pub

No Game October 12 — Thanksgiving

Game 3 - October 19, 2009

Misplaced ModifiersCharlie's Angels Duke of Gloucester
Usual SuspectsSam's Spades Spotted Dick
Bill PsychsFive Guys Named Moe Jason George
CluelessWhat She Said Artful Dodger
Footloose & Firkin Free5 Easy Pieces Brunswick Avenue Pump
Kenny Loggins FanclubMI5 Jersey Giant
Night OwlsFrayed Naughts Imperial Pub
On a RollUnnatural Axxe Artful Dodger

Game 4 - October 26, 2009

5 Easy PiecesMI5 Spotted Dick
Five Guys Named MoeUsual Suspects Artful Dodger
Misplaced ModifiersWhat She Said Duke of Gloucester
Unnatural AxxeFrayed Naughts Jason George
Charlie's AngelsBill Psychs Brunswick Avenue Pump
CluelessOn a Roll Artful Dodger
Kenny Loggins FanclubNight Owls Jersey Giant
Sam's SpadesFootloose & Firkin Free Imperial Pub

Game 5 - November 2, 2009

Five Guys Named MoeKenny Loggins Fanclub Artful Dodger
Frayed NaughtsClueless Artful Dodger
MI5Footloose & Firkin Free Duke of Gloucester
Usual SuspectsOn a Roll Spotted Dick
What She SaidSam's Spades Jersey Giant
Bill PsychsMisplaced Modifiers Jason George
Charlie's Angels5 Easy Pieces Brunswick Avenue Pump
Night OwlsUnnatural Axxe Imperial Pub

Game 6 - November 9, 2009

Five Guys Named Moe5 Easy Pieces Artful Dodger
Misplaced ModifiersMI5 Duke of Gloucester
Unnatural AxxeWhat She Said Jason George
Usual SuspectsFrayed Naughts Spotted Dick
CluelessCharlie's Angels Artful Dodger
Footloose & Firkin FreeNight Owls Brunswick Avenue Pump
Kenny Loggins FanclubBill Psychs Jersey Giant
Sam's SpadesOn a Roll Imperial Pub

Game 7 - November 16, 2009

Frayed NaughtsMisplaced Modifiers Artful Dodger
MI5What She Said Duke of Gloucester
Unnatural AxxeFive Guys Named Moe Jason George
Usual Suspects5 Easy Pieces Spotted Dick
Charlie's AngelsSam's Spades Brunswick Avenue Pump
Kenny Loggins FanclubClueless Jersey Giant
Night OwlsBill Psychs Imperial Pub
On a RollFootloose & Firkin Free Artful Dodger

Game 8 - November 23, 2009

5 Easy PiecesBill Psychs Spotted Dick
Frayed NaughtsSam's Spades Artful Dodger
MI5Charlie's Angels Duke of Gloucester
Unnatural AxxeKenny Loggins Fanclub Jason George
What She SaidOn a Roll Jersey Giant
CluelessUsual Suspects Artful Dodger
Footloose & Firkin FreeMisplaced Modifiers Brunswick Avenue Pump
Night OwlsFive Guys Named Moe Imperial Pub

Game 9 - November 30, 2009

Five Guys Named MoeMI5 Artful Dodger
Misplaced Modifiers5 Easy Pieces Duke of Gloucester
Usual SuspectsUnnatural Axxe Spotted Dick
What She SaidFrayed Naughts Jersey Giant
Bill PsychsOn a Roll Jason George
Charlie's AngelsNight Owls Brunswick Avenue Pump
CluelessFootloose & Firkin Free Artful Dodger
Sam's SpadesKenny Loggins Fanclub Imperial Pub

Game 10 - December 7, 2009

5 Easy PiecesWhat She Said Spotted Dick
Frayed NaughtsFive Guys Named Moe Artful Dodger
MI5Usual Suspects Duke of Gloucester
Unnatural AxxeMisplaced Modifiers Jason George
Footloose & Firkin FreeBill Psychs Brunswick Avenue Pump
Kenny Loggins FanclubCharlie's Angels Jersey Giant
On a RollNight Owls Artful Dodger
Sam's SpadesClueless Imperial Pub