Captains' Meeting

Artful Dodger, 20 September 2010

Here's a highly informal edition of the minutes of the captains' meeting, held Sept. 20 at the Artful Dodger:

Financial report: The league has about $1,000 in the bank to begin the season.

The playing fee will remain at $4, the honorarium for a QM will remain $15 and the cash prizes handed out at the final will remain the same.

Chris Johnson has created a league-only email subscriber list, This will be used for league news, announcements, stats and possible player subs.

Some of you may have already received an invitation to sign up, but if not, please visit the league website,, or email Chris at with any questions you have.

We plan to post the questions each week – after the game, of course – on the website. See above. Again, any questions should go to Chris at the email above.

For current events rounds, the cutoff will be Saturday midnight.

The schedule for the season will be on the website soon. Week 1 sked was read out at the meeting, but I will forward that once it's up.

Frayed Naughts have changed their team name, and will now be known as the Natural Born Losers.

The meeting was adjourned, and more beer was consumed.

Thanks, everyone, and enjoy the season.

Cheers, Ed

P.S., the team formerly known as the Frayed Naughts has become Natural Born Losers.