Protests from Game 10

Round 1, Question 6, Night Owls, - for 1
Answered: "Big Bang"
"Question was not specific enough to answer"

"Big Bang" is not specific enough to award a point. Besides, the question asked for a new or modified theory.

Protest DENIED

Round 1, Question 10, Usual Suspects, Mark for 2
Answered: "UK"
"There was a strike there as well"

I can find no reference to a strike in the UK last week.

Protest DENIED

Round 2, Question 7, Footloose & Firkin Free, Dom, for 2
Answered: Study of Cells "No such thing as Hysterology, Histology is the closest you can get"
While the term "hysterology" for the study of the uterus is indeed an obsolete usage, it is in fact, the only one that matches what the question asked for (i.e., body part). Googling the word produces not only the reference given for the protest, but also the reference to the "study of the uterus". It was also recommended in the preamble that QMs spell the word. Clearly, the root "hystero" refers to the uterus, not cells ("histo").

Protest DENIED

Round 2, Question 9, Footloose & Firkin Free, Steve, for 2
Answered: Nose
"Nose is basically made of cartilege"

The study of the nose is "otolarynology". Cartilage, according to Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary, is "usually translucent somewhat elastic tissue that composes most of the skeleton of vertebrate embryos and except for a small number of structures (as some joints, respiratory passages, and the external ear) is replaced by bone during ossification in the higher vertebrates." While the nose does contain cartilage, so do other parts of the body.

Protest DENIED

Round 2, Question 10, Unnatural Axxe, Jim for 2
Answered: "Throat"
"A stoma is a throat operation"

A stoma is a "mouth or mouthlike opening" (various dictionaries); stomatology is the science of (diseases of) the mouth (also various dictionaries).

Protest DENIED

Round 3, Question 7, Unnatural Axxe, Brian for 1
Answered: "Dachau"
"Buchenwald was a death camp; they weren't established until 1942."

Half right, half wrong. Buchenwald was established in 1937 and was considered a Concentration Camp. Dachau was the first established Concentration Camp in 1933 (didn't know they went that far back). Looking back at my source, The Band of Brothers historical pieces from the DVD set, I didn't think to double check what was stated as fact therein. So the question is misleading as it asks for the first Concentration Camp (which was Dachau) and gives a date of opening (which was Buchenwald). I'm inclined to accept with a full explanation given.


Round 3, Question 8, Night Owls, Tony for 2
Answered: "Fascists"
"They were part of the fascists"

The use of the term "paramilitary group" certainly would lead you to believe we wanted a specific group and not just a political stripe.

Protest DENIED

Round 4, Question 10, Night Owls, Jim for 1
Answered: "Rabat"
"Tony says so"

The King Hassan II Mosque is located in Casablanca, not Rabat.

Protest DENIED