Canadian Inquisition Schedules, Winter 2016

By date

Captain's meeting

11 January 2016
Artful Dodger
7:30 p.m.

Game 1 — 18 January 2016

Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Red Smarties
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeUnnatural Axxxe
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesCellar Rats
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsMisplaced Modifiers
Duke of GloucesterMI5Bloor St. Irregulars
Jason GeorgeBill PsychsFrankly Scarlett
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidNight Owls
TranzacFootloose & Firkin FreeAd Hawks & Doves

Game 2 — 25 January 2016

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettRed Smarties
Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'5 Easy Pieces
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsUsual Suspects
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsFive Guys Named Moe
Duke of GloucesterMI5What She Said
Fox and FiddleCellar RatsAd Hawks & Doves
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeMisplaced Modifiers
TranzacFootloose & Firkin FreeBill Psychs

Game 3 — 1 February 2016

Artful DodgerAd Hawks & DovesMI5
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeFrankly Scarlett
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesUsual Suspects
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsBill Psychs
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersCellar Rats
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeSmith & Guessin'
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidFootloose & Firkin Free
TranzacRed SmartiesNight Owls

Game 4 — 8 February 2016

Artful DodgerAd Hawks & DovesFrankly Scarlett
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeWhat She Said
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesRed Smarties
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsBloor St. Irregulars
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersMI5
Fox and FiddleCellar RatsBill Psychs
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeUsual Suspects
TranzacFootloose & Firkin FreeSmith & Guessin'

Game 5 — 22 February 2016

Please note changes: The Bedford Academy is not available.

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettUnnatural Axxxe
Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Night Owls
Fox & Fiddle5 Easy PiecesFive Guys Named Moe
Duke of YorkUsual SuspectsCellar Rats
Duke of GloucesterMI5Footloose & Firkin Free
Jason GeorgeBill PsychsMisplaced Modifiers
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidAd Hawks & Doves
TranzacRed SmartiesBloor St. Irregulars

Game 6 — 29 February 2016

Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Frankly Scarlett
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeMisplaced Modifiers
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsWhat She Said
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsNight Owls
Duke of GloucesterMI5Unnatural Axxxe
Fox and FiddleCellar RatsFootloose & Firkin Free
Jason GeorgeBill Psychs5 Easy Pieces
TranzacRed SmartiesAd Hawks & Doves

Game 7 — 7 March 2016

Artful DodgerAd Hawks & Doves5 Easy Pieces
Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettFootloose & Firkin Free
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsMisplaced Modifiers
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsUnnatural Axxxe
Duke of GloucesterMI5Five Guys Named Moe
Jason GeorgeBill PsychsSmith & Guessin'
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidUsual Suspects
TranzacRed SmartiesCellar Rats

Game 8 — 14 March 2016

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettBloor St. Irregulars
Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Five Guys Named Moe
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsAd Hawks & Doves
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsFootloose & Firkin Free
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced Modifiers5 Easy Pieces
Fox and FiddleCellar RatsWhat She Said
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeBill Psychs
TranzacRed SmartiesMI5

Game 9 — 21 March 2016

Artful DodgerAd Hawks & DovesSmith & Guessin'
Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettCellar Rats
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsFive Guys Named Moe
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsMI5
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersNight Owls
Jason GeorgeBill PsychsRed Smarties
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidUnnatural Axxxe
TranzacFootloose & Firkin Free5 Easy Pieces

Game 10 — 28 March 2016

Artful DodgerAd Hawks & DovesBill Psychs
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeUsual Suspects
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesFrankly Scarlett
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsMI5
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersWhat She Said
Fox and FiddleCellar RatsSmith & Guessin'
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeBloor St. Irregulars
TranzacFootloose & Firkin FreeRed Smarties

Final — 12 April 2016

Tranzac, 7:30 p.m.

Misplaced Modifiers59
Smith & Guessin'53 + tie break
Bloor St. Irregulars53

Spring/Summer season

will be brought to you by the Usual Suspects.

Captains' meeting

Artful Dodger
May 2, 7:30 p.m.

Game 1 — 18 January 2016

Artful DodgerRed SmartiesSmith & Guessin'
Artful DodgerUnnatural AxxxeFive Guys Named Moe
Bedford AcademyCellar Rats5 Easy Pieces
Bedford AcademyMisplaced ModifiersUsual Suspects
Duke of GloucesterBloor St. IrregularsMI5
Jason GeorgeFrankly ScarlettBill Psychs
Jersey GiantNight OwlsWhat She Said
TranzacAd Hawks & DovesFootloose & Firkin Free

Game 2 — 25 January 2016

Artful Dodger5 Easy PiecesSmith & Guessin'
Artful DodgerRed SmartiesFrankly Scarlett
Bedford AcademyFive Guys Named MoeNight Owls
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsBloor St. Irregulars
Duke of GloucesterWhat She SaidMI5
Fox and FiddleAd Hawks & DovesCellar Rats
Jason GeorgeMisplaced ModifiersUnnatural Axxxe
TranzacBill PsychsFootloose & Firkin Free

Game 3 — 1 February 2016

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettFive Guys Named Moe
Artful DodgerMI5Ad Hawks & Doves
Bedford AcademyBill PsychsBloor St. Irregulars
Bedford AcademyUsual Suspects5 Easy Pieces
Duke of GloucesterCellar RatsMisplaced Modifiers
Jason GeorgeSmith & Guessin'Unnatural Axxxe
Jersey GiantFootloose & Firkin FreeWhat She Said
TranzacNight OwlsRed Smarties

Game 4 — 8 February 2016

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettAd Hawks & Doves
Artful DodgerWhat She SaidFive Guys Named Moe
Bedford AcademyRed Smarties5 Easy Pieces
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsNight Owls
Duke of GloucesterMI5Misplaced Modifiers
Fox and FiddleBill PsychsCellar Rats
Jason GeorgeUsual SuspectsUnnatural Axxxe
TranzacSmith & Guessin'Footloose & Firkin Free

Game 5 — 22 February 2016

Artful DodgerNight OwlsSmith & Guessin'
Artful DodgerUnnatural AxxxeFrankly Scarlett
Bedford AcademyCellar RatsUsual Suspects
Bedford AcademyFive Guys Named Moe5 Easy Pieces
Duke of GloucesterFootloose & Firkin FreeMI5
Jason GeorgeMisplaced ModifiersBill Psychs
Jersey GiantAd Hawks & DovesWhat She Said
TranzacBloor St. IrregularsRed Smarties

Game 6 — 29 February 2016

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettSmith & Guessin'
Artful DodgerMisplaced ModifiersFive Guys Named Moe
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsUsual Suspects
Bedford AcademyWhat She SaidBloor St. Irregulars
Duke of GloucesterUnnatural AxxxeMI5
Fox and FiddleFootloose & Firkin FreeCellar Rats
Jason George5 Easy PiecesBill Psychs
TranzacAd Hawks & DovesRed Smarties

Game 7 — 7 March 2016

Artful Dodger5 Easy PiecesAd Hawks & Doves
Artful DodgerFootloose & Firkin FreeFrankly Scarlett
Bedford AcademyMisplaced ModifiersBloor St. Irregulars
Bedford AcademyUnnatural AxxxeNight Owls
Duke of GloucesterFive Guys Named MoeMI5
Jason GeorgeSmith & Guessin'Bill Psychs
Jersey GiantUsual SuspectsWhat She Said
TranzacCellar RatsRed Smarties

Game 8 — 14 March 2016

Artful DodgerBloor St. IrregularsFrankly Scarlett
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeSmith & Guessin'
Bedford AcademyAd Hawks & DovesNight Owls
Bedford AcademyFootloose & Firkin FreeUsual Suspects
Duke of Gloucester5 Easy PiecesMisplaced Modifiers
Fox and FiddleWhat She SaidCellar Rats
Jason GeorgeBill PsychsUnnatural Axxxe
TranzacMI5Red Smarties

Game 9 — 21 March 2016

Artful DodgerCellar RatsFrankly Scarlett
Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Ad Hawks & Doves
Bedford AcademyFive Guys Named MoeBloor St. Irregulars
Bedford AcademyMI5Usual Suspects
Duke of GloucesterNight OwlsMisplaced Modifiers
Jason GeorgeRed SmartiesBill Psychs
Jersey GiantUnnatural AxxxeWhat She Said
Tranzac5 Easy PiecesFootloose & Firkin Free

Game 10 — 28 March 2016

Artful DodgerBill PsychsAd Hawks & Doves
Artful DodgerUsual SuspectsFive Guys Named Moe
Bedford AcademyFrankly Scarlett5 Easy Pieces
Bedford AcademyMI5Night Owls
Duke of GloucesterWhat She SaidMisplaced Modifiers
Fox and FiddleSmith & Guessin'Cellar Rats
Jason GeorgeBloor St. IrregularsUnnatural Axxxe
TranzacRed SmartiesFootloose & Firkin Free

By team

Ad Hawks & Doves

DatePubOpposing team
January 18TranzacFootloose & Firkin Free
January 25Fox and FiddleCellar Rats
February 1Artful DodgerMI5
February 8Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett
February 22Jersey GiantWhat She Said
February 29TranzacRed Smarties
March 7Artful Dodger5 Easy Pieces
March 14Bedford AcademyNight Owls
March 21Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'
March 28Artful DodgerBill Psychs

Bill Psychs

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Jason GeorgeFrankly Scarlett
January 25TranzacFootloose & Firkin Free
February 1Bedford AcademyBloor St. Irregulars
February 8Fox and FiddleCellar Rats
February 22Jason GeorgeMisplaced Modifiers
February 29Jason George5 Easy Pieces
March 7Jason GeorgeSmith & Guessin'
March 14Jason GeorgeUnnatural Axxxe
March 21Jason GeorgeRed Smarties
March 28Artful DodgerAd Hawks & Doves

Bloor St. Irregulars

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Duke of GloucesterMI5
January 25Bedford AcademyUsual Suspects
February 1Bedford AcademyBill Psychs
February 8Bedford AcademyNight Owls
February 22TranzacRed Smarties
February 29Bedford AcademyWhat She Said
March 7Bedford AcademyMisplaced Modifiers
March 14Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett
March 21Bedford AcademyFive Guys Named Moe
March 28Jason GeorgeUnnatural Axxxe

Cellar Rats

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Bedford Academy5 Easy Pieces
January 25Fox and FiddleAd Hawks & Doves
February 1Duke of GloucesterMisplaced Modifiers
February 8Fox and FiddleBill Psychs
February 22Duke of YorkUsual Suspects
February 29Fox and FiddleFootloose & Firkin Free
March 7TranzacRed Smarties
March 14Fox and FiddleWhat She Said
March 21Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett
March 28Fox and FiddleSmith & Guessin'

5 Easy Pieces

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Bedford AcademyCellar Rats
January 25Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'
February 1Bedford AcademyUsual Suspects
February 8Bedford AcademyRed Smarties
February 22Fox & FiddleFive Guys Named Moe
February 29Jason GeorgeBill Psychs
March 7Artful DodgerAd Hawks & Doves
March 14Duke of GloucesterMisplaced Modifiers
March 21TranzacFootloose & Firkin Free
March 28Bedford AcademyFrankly Scarlett

Five Guys Named Moe

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Artful DodgerUnnatural Axxxe
January 25Bedford AcademyNight Owls
February 1Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett
February 8Artful DodgerWhat She Said
February 22Fox & Fiddle5 Easy Pieces
February 29Artful DodgerMisplaced Modifiers
March 7Duke of GloucesterMI5
March 14Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'
March 21Bedford AcademyBloor St. Irregulars
March 28Artful DodgerUsual Suspects

Footloose & Firkin Free

DatePubOpposing team
January 18TranzacAd Hawks & Doves
January 25TranzacBill Psychs
February 1Jersey GiantWhat She Said
February 8TranzacSmith & Guessin'
February 22Duke of GloucesterMI5
February 29Fox and FiddleCellar Rats
March 7Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett
March 14Bedford AcademyUsual Suspects
March 21Tranzac5 Easy Pieces
March 28TranzacRed Smarties

Frankly Scarlett

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Jason GeorgeBill Psychs
January 25Artful DodgerRed Smarties
February 1Artful DodgerFive Guys Named Moe
February 8Artful DodgerAd Hawks & Doves
February 22Artful DodgerUnnatural Axxxe
February 29Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'
March 7Artful DodgerFootloose & Firkin Free
March 14Artful DodgerBloor St. Irregulars
March 21Artful DodgerCellar Rats
March 28Bedford Academy5 Easy Pieces


DatePubOpposing team
January 18Duke of GloucesterBloor St. Irregulars
January 25Duke of GloucesterWhat She Said
February 1Artful DodgerAd Hawks & Doves
February 8Duke of GloucesterMisplaced Modifiers
February 22Duke of GloucesterFootloose & Firkin Free
February 29Duke of GloucesterUnnatural Axxxe
March 7Duke of GloucesterFive Guys Named Moe
March 14TranzacRed Smarties
March 21Bedford AcademyUsual Suspects
March 28Bedford AcademyNight Owls

Misplaced Modifiers

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Bedford AcademyUsual Suspects
January 25Jason GeorgeUnnatural Axxxe
February 1Duke of GloucesterCellar Rats
February 8Duke of GloucesterMI5
February 22Jason GeorgeBill Psychs
February 29Artful DodgerFive Guys Named Moe
March 7Bedford AcademyBloor St. Irregulars
March 14Duke of Gloucester5 Easy Pieces
March 21Duke of GloucesterNight Owls
March 28Duke of GloucesterWhat She Said

Night Owls

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Jersey GiantWhat She Said
January 25Bedford AcademyFive Guys Named Moe
February 1TranzacRed Smarties
February 8Bedford AcademyBloor St. Irregulars
February 22Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'
February 29Bedford AcademyUsual Suspects
March 7Bedford AcademyUnnatural Axxxe
March 14Bedford AcademyAd Hawks & Doves
March 21Duke of GloucesterMisplaced Modifiers
March 28Bedford AcademyMI5

Red Smarties

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'
January 25Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett
February 1TranzacNight Owls
February 8Bedford Academy5 Easy Pieces
February 22TranzacBloor St. Irregulars
February 29TranzacAd Hawks & Doves
March 7TranzacCellar Rats
March 14TranzacMI5
March 21Jason GeorgeBill Psychs
March 28TranzacFootloose & Firkin Free

Smith & Guessin'

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Artful DodgerRed Smarties
January 25Artful Dodger5 Easy Pieces
February 1Jason GeorgeUnnatural Axxxe
February 8TranzacFootloose & Firkin Free
February 22Artful DodgerNight Owls
February 29Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett
March 7Jason GeorgeBill Psychs
March 14Artful DodgerFive Guys Named Moe
March 21Artful DodgerAd Hawks & Doves
March 28Fox and FiddleCellar Rats

Unnatural Axxxe

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Artful DodgerFive Guys Named Moe
January 25Jason GeorgeMisplaced Modifiers
February 1Jason GeorgeSmith & Guessin'
February 8Jason GeorgeUsual Suspects
February 22Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlett
February 29Duke of GloucesterMI5
March 7Bedford AcademyNight Owls
March 14Jason GeorgeBill Psychs
March 21Jersey GiantWhat She Said
March 28Jason GeorgeBloor St. Irregulars

Usual Suspects

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Bedford AcademyMisplaced Modifiers
January 25Bedford AcademyBloor St. Irregulars
February 1Bedford Academy5 Easy Pieces
February 8Jason GeorgeUnnatural Axxxe
February 22Duke of YorkCellar Rats
February 29Bedford AcademyNight Owls
March 7Jersey GiantWhat She Said
March 14Bedford AcademyFootloose & Firkin Free
March 21Bedford AcademyMI5
March 28Artful DodgerFive Guys Named Moe

What She Said

DatePubOpposing team
January 18Jersey GiantNight Owls
January 25Duke of GloucesterMI5
February 1Jersey GiantFootloose & Firkin Free
February 8Artful DodgerFive Guys Named Moe
February 22Jersey GiantAd Hawks & Doves
February 29Bedford AcademyBloor St. Irregulars
March 7Jersey GiantUsual Suspects
March 14Fox and FiddleCellar Rats
March 21Jersey GiantUnnatural Axxxe
March 28Duke of GloucesterMisplaced Modifiers

By pub

Artful Dodger

January 18Five Guys Named MoeUnnatural Axxxe
January 18Smith & Guessin'Red Smarties
January 25Frankly ScarlettRed Smarties
January 25Smith & Guessin'5 Easy Pieces
February 1Five Guys Named MoeFrankly Scarlett
February 1Ad Hawks & DovesMI5
February 8Five Guys Named MoeWhat She Said
February 8Ad Hawks & DovesFrankly Scarlett
February 22Frankly ScarlettUnnatural Axxxe
February 22Smith & Guessin'Night Owls
February 29Five Guys Named MoeMisplaced Modifiers
February 29Smith & Guessin'Frankly Scarlett
March 7Ad Hawks & Doves5 Easy Pieces
March 7Frankly ScarlettFootloose & Firkin Free
March 14Frankly ScarlettBloor St. Irregulars
March 14Smith & Guessin'Five Guys Named Moe
March 21Ad Hawks & DovesSmith & Guessin'
March 21Frankly ScarlettCellar Rats
March 28Five Guys Named MoeUsual Suspects
March 28Ad Hawks & DovesBill Psychs

Bedford Academy

January 18Usual SuspectsMisplaced Modifiers
January 185 Easy PiecesCellar Rats
January 25Bloor St. IrregularsUsual Suspects
January 25Night OwlsFive Guys Named Moe
February 1Bloor St. IrregularsBill Psychs
February 15 Easy PiecesUsual Suspects
February 8Night OwlsBloor St. Irregulars
February 85 Easy PiecesRed Smarties
February 29Bloor St. IrregularsWhat She Said
February 29Usual SuspectsNight Owls
March 7Bloor St. IrregularsMisplaced Modifiers
March 7Night OwlsUnnatural Axxxe
March 14Night OwlsAd Hawks & Doves
March 14Usual SuspectsFootloose & Firkin Free
March 21Bloor St. IrregularsFive Guys Named Moe
March 21Usual SuspectsMI5
March 28Night OwlsMI5
March 285 Easy PiecesFrankly Scarlett

Duke of Gloucester

January 18MI5Bloor St. Irregulars
January 25MI5What She Said
February 1Misplaced ModifiersCellar Rats
February 8Misplaced ModifiersMI5
February 22MI5Footloose & Firkin Free
February 29MI5Unnatural Axxxe
March 7MI5Five Guys Named Moe
March 14Misplaced Modifiers5 Easy Pieces
March 21Misplaced ModifiersNight Owls
March 28Misplaced ModifiersWhat She Said

Duke of York

February 22Usual SuspectsCellar Rats

Fox and Fiddle

January 25Cellar RatsAd Hawks & Doves
February 8Cellar RatsBill Psychs
February 225 Easy PiecesFive Guys Named Moe
February 29Cellar RatsFootloose & Firkin Free
March 14Cellar RatsWhat She Said
March 28Cellar RatsSmith & Guessin'

Jason George

January 18Bill PsychsFrankly Scarlett
January 25Unnatural AxxxeMisplaced Modifiers
February 1Unnatural AxxxeSmith & Guessin'
February 8Unnatural AxxxeUsual Suspects
February 22Bill PsychsMisplaced Modifiers
February 29Bill Psychs5 Easy Pieces
March 7Bill PsychsSmith & Guessin'
March 14Unnatural AxxxeBill Psychs
March 21Bill PsychsRed Smarties
March 28Unnatural AxxxeBloor St. Irregulars

Jersey Giant

January 18What She SaidNight Owls
February 1What She SaidFootloose & Firkin Free
February 22What She SaidAd Hawks & Doves
March 7What She SaidUsual Suspects
March 21What She SaidUnnatural Axxxe


January 18Footloose & Firkin FreeAd Hawks & Doves
January 25Footloose & Firkin FreeBill Psychs
February 1Red SmartiesNight Owls
February 8Footloose & Firkin FreeSmith & Guessin'
February 22Red SmartiesBloor St. Irregulars
February 29Red SmartiesAd Hawks & Doves
March 7Red SmartiesCellar Rats
March 14Red SmartiesMI5
March 21Footloose & Firkin Free5 Easy Pieces
March 28Footloose & Firkin FreeRed Smarties