Canadian Inquisition: Fall 2015 Standings

Torquemada Division

Misplaced Modifiers*910707515959
Bloor St. Irregulars*910686425259
Unnatural Axxxe 7306804263*70
What She Said 730600406096
Usual Suspects 550654*485683
MI5 550636396286
Five Guys Named Moe 3705754549114
Night Owls 280606385484
Average (per game)

Jaworski Division

Smith & Guessin'*820641396680
Cellar Rats 640614425598
5 Easy Pieces 4425683358108
Footloose & Firkin Free 46056131*64110
Frankly Scarlett 4605413645126
Ad Hawks & Doves 3615633647116
Red Smarties 1814833038161
Bill Psychs 1904913940141
Average (per game)

*Indicates teams in Final, and winners of Stinker, Canadiana, and Fewest Zeroes prizes, if there were no more games this season.