Canadian Inquisition League rules

These rules were written originally by Leslie Hetherington, expanded and maintained by Mark Brader, and marked up in HTML and formatted with CSS by Chris Johnson. They were last amended at the captains' meeting of April 13, 2015.

These are guidelines, to be interpreted in a spirit of generosity.

A: Start of Game

A1: Christmas Tree Rule

A2: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Rule

A3: Eddie Gaedel Rule

A4: Emperor's New Clothes Rule

A5: Wind in the Fourth Quarter Rule

A6: Blood from a Stone Rule

B: Questioning

B1: Where She Stops Nobody Knows Rule

B2: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Rule

B3: Joe Lamantia Rule

B4: Cultural Mosaic Rule

B5: Marlon Brando Rule

B6: Bobby's Rules of Order

B7: Own Goal Rule

B8: Charles Lindbergh or Cone of Silence Rule

B9: Individual Excellence Rule

B10: Insufficient Individuals Rule

B11: Blue Red Pencil Rule

B12: Dyslexic MQ Rule

C: Answering

C1: David Smith Rule

C2: Fools Rush In Rule

C3: Earwax Rule

C4: Josef Kompela Rule

C5: Christmas Rule

C6: Clifford Olsen Rule

C7: Jean Beliveau / Jacques Parizeau Rule

C8: Double Jeopardy Rule

C9: No Double Jeopardy Rule

C10: Al Pacino Rule

D: Season

D1: After Fall Comes Spring Rule

D2: April/Pike/Kirk/Picard/Sisko/Janeway/Archer Rule

D3: Normal Means Weekly Regularity Rule

D4: It Isn't Everything Rule

D5: Greg Ioannou Rule

D6: Jeffersons Rule

D7: King Solomon II Rule

D8: King Solomon III Rule

E: Regular Season Prizes

E1: Art Ross Rule

E2: Mark Brader Rule

E3: Pierre Berton Rule

E4: Rule Two Point One Zero

E5: Alfred Nobel Rule

F: The Final

F1: Ad Infinitum Rule

F2: March Madness Rule

F3: Short Time Rule

F4: Veto Rule

F5: One Step Forward, Two Steps Sideways, Three Steps Back Rule

F6: Challenge of Champions Rule

F7: Final Jeopardy! Rule

F8: Fosbury Flop Rule

F9: They Get the Glory but I Know the Answers Rule

F10: It's the Only Thing Rule

F11: The Only One Only Thing Rule

G: General

G1: Diamond Jim Brady Rule

G2: Defense of Fuming Rule

G3: Defense of Electrons Rule

H: Cretan rule

H1: There Is No Rule H1