Spring/Summer 2016 Schedule by game

Game 1 — 8 May 2017

Artful DodgerFrankly Scarlettnicholheads
Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Red Smarties
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesMisplaced Modifiers
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsUsual Suspects
Duke of GloucesterMI5Five Guys Named Moe
Fox & Fiddle (Wellesley)Bill PsychsNight Owls
Jason GeorgeAd Hawks & DovesCellar Rats
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidUnnatural Axxxe

Game 2 — 15 May 2017

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettNight Owls
Artful DodgernicholheadsBill Psychs
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsFive Guys Named Moe
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsWhat She Said
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersMI5
Fox & Fiddle (Bloor)Cellar RatsSmith & Guessin'
Jason GeorgeUnnatural Axxxe5 Easy Pieces
TranzacRed SmartiesAd Hawks & Doves

Game 3 — 29 May 2017

Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'MI5
Artful DodgernicholheadsBloor St. Irregulars
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsUnnatural Axxxe
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesFrankly Scarlett
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersRed Smarties
Fox & Fiddle (Bloor)Cellar RatsUsual Suspects
Jason GeorgeAd Hawks & DovesFive Guys Named Moe
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidBill Psychs

Game 4 — 5 June 2017

Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Ad Hawks & Doves
Artful DodgernicholheadsNight Owls
Bedford AcademyBloor St. Irregulars5 Easy Pieces
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsMisplaced Modifiers
Duke of GloucesterMI5What She Said
Fox & Fiddle (Bloor)Cellar RatsRed Smarties
Fox & Fiddle (Wellesley)Bill PsychsFrankly Scarlett
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeFive Guys Named Moe

Game 5 — 12 June 2017

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettMisplaced Modifiers
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeBill Psychs
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsBloor St. Irregulars
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsSmith & Guessin'
Duke of GloucesterMI5Ad Hawks & Doves
Jason GeorgeUnnatural Axxxenicholheads
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidCellar Rats
TranzacRed Smarties5 Easy Pieces

Game 6 — 19 June 2017

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettCellar Rats
Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Night Owls
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesUsual Suspects
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsMisplaced Modifiers
Duke of GloucesterMI5Unnatural Axxxe
Fox & Fiddle (Wellesley)Bill PsychsRed Smarties
Jason GeorgeAd Hawks & Dovesnicholheads
Jersey GiantWhat She SaidFive Guys Named Moe

Game 7 — 26 June 2017

Artful DodgerFrankly ScarlettSmith & Guessin'
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named Moe5 Easy Pieces
Bedford AcademyBloor St. IrregularsWhat She Said
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsMI5
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersUnnatural Axxxe
Fox & Fiddle (Bloor)Cellar RatsNight Owls
Jason GeorgeAd Hawks & DovesBill Psychs
TranzacRed Smartiesnicholheads

Game 8 — 10 July 2017

Artful DodgerSmith & Guessin'Bloor St. Irregulars
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeFrankly Scarlett
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsMI5
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesCellar Rats
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced Modifiersnicholheads
Fox & Fiddle (Wellesley)Bill PsychsUsual Suspects
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeAd Hawks & Doves
TranzacRed SmartiesWhat She Said

Game 9 — 17 July 2017

Artful DodgernicholheadsSmith & Guessin'
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeMisplaced Modifiers
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsRed Smarties
Bedford AcademyUsual SuspectsUnnatural Axxxe
Duke of GloucesterMI5Bloor St. Irregulars
Fox & Fiddle (Bloor)Cellar RatsBill Psychs
Jason GeorgeAd Hawks & DovesFrankly Scarlett
Jersey GiantWhat She Said5 Easy Pieces

Game 10 — 24 July 2017

Artful DodgernicholheadsCellar Rats
Artful DodgerFive Guys Named MoeUsual Suspects
Bedford AcademyNight OwlsAd Hawks & Doves
Bedford Academy5 Easy PiecesMI5
Duke of GloucesterMisplaced ModifiersWhat She Said
Fox & Fiddle (Wellesley)Bill PsychsSmith & Guessin'
Jason GeorgeUnnatural AxxxeBloor St. Irregulars
TranzacRed SmartiesFrankly Scarlett

Final — 1 August 2017

Misplaced Modifiers
Smith & Guessin'