Canadian Inquisition Forms in PDF format

Here are a number of PDF files with scoresheet forms so each season's organizers can just print them directly from here.

Regular season

For the regular season, there are three versions, one with a list of reminders for the QMs to forget to read, one without it, and one with a space for the QM to enter the amount of money collected (minus the QM's honorarium). Note that any version of the scoresheet must be printed double-sided so the protest sheet is on the back.

scoresheet-nag-$.pdf (with line for amount of money collected)


For the Final, there are three versions, differing in the question numbers. One is for the “standard” game as defined in the rules. Another was created for the “Jeopardy! style” Final where players choose a category on every question, for which the starting player on each team should rotate each round. Some organizing teams have also chosen to use this on an otherwise standard format Final.


And there’s also a version with no question numbers on the scoresheet, in case the organizers want to invent their own question rotation.


Finally, this is a simple audience scoresheet for the Final:


All of these are designed for ordinary letter-size (11-inch) paper. Of course there is no obligation for the organizers to use these particular forms.